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Serious Skincare FIRM A FACE XR All Over Skin Tightener The good news You've lived a longfullwonderfullife. The bad newsYour story iswritten all over your face. Change the ending of yourskin'ssaga withFIRM A FACE. It helps yourcomplexion look smoother and younger within minutes.


WaterSodium SilicateMagnesium Aluminum SilicatePentylene GlycolCalcium Hydroxymethionine3-Aminopropane Sulfonic AcidAminobutyric AcidGlycerinSorbitolLecithinRetinyl PalmitateRetinolButylene GlycolLycium BarbarumMacrocytis Pyrifera ExtractCentella Asiatic ExtractCaffeinePolysorbate 20HydroxyethlcelluloseXanthan GumCaramelDisodium EDTAProypylene GlycolDiazolidinyl UreaMethylparabenProplyparabenYellow 5Yellow 6.

Instanttemporary all-over skin tightened with time-released Nano encapsulated technology
Helps your skin look smoothertighter and younger within minutes
Helps reduce the look of wrinkles
Skin temporarily pulled tighterpores appear shrunknose to mouth lines look diminished
Helps diminish nose-to-mouth lines Helps crow's feet seem to disappear Time-released Nano encapsulated technology

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