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Seaweed for the Skin... Why

For thousands of yearspeople have used ingredients from the sea for bodyhealthand cosmetic purposes. The stronger the smell of the seathe greater its benefits - it has to be robust and pure to deliver the results you crave. The blend of vitaminsmineralsfatty acidsand antioxidants that benefit your body when you take a kelp supplement can also help your skin when you apply it topically.

Achieve a healthy glow by introducing Natural Escentials Seaweed Powder into your daily routine. It's a phenomenal seaweed powder foodcellulite maskseaweed wrapand seaweed body scrub.

Add the Sea's Greatest Treasure to Your Beauty Cabinet

You need to add Seaweed Powder to your skincare arsenal. It has mighty cleansing power that helps to clarify the skin and battle impurities and blemishes like acne. It also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite fat cells. Keeping your skin hydrated is essential. Sea kelp moisturizes the skinkeeping it firmsmoothand youthful.

Admittedlythe strong marine odor is an acquired scentbut adding a few drops of Essential Peppermint Oil helps transform the fragrance into a pleasantspa-like experience. Would you believe in a seaweed product if it smelled like artificial roses You are getting the real deal herewith all the practical benefits.

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