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This beautiful head-to-toe mineral polish uses the ancient cleansing powers of wild harvested yucca rootnaturally rich in saponins (natural surfactant and emulsifier) to melt away dead skin. Its gentle but effective exfoliation actions tightens and toneswhile maintaining the skin's delicate pH balance. Combined with tiny desert crystallized mineralsthis vitamin-rich creamy compound reveals smoothsoftenlivened skin without scratching or damaging cells.




Simply moisten the hands with water and rub them together with a dab of sandchanging the compact cream into a softsmooth lotion. Brush lightly in gentle circular motions. Rinse until completely removed from the skin.

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Soften and unclog pores
Clear face and body of dead skin and dirt
Remineralize the skin and brighten your complexion
Stimulate collagen production

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