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Say hello to your new favorite body wash. It combines the natural antibacterial power of honey myrtle POTENT FORMULA: The Honey Myrtle Body Wash is a refreshing cleansing body wash that combines the anti-bacterial power of Honey Myrtle with the healing properties of the Quandong plant. It will leave you naturally invigorated. The Honey Myrtle's anti-microbial and anti-fungal functions are refreshing and cleansing while the Quandong plantwhich was prepared as a skin ointment by Indigenous Australiansderives healing properties from its high antioxidant content.
SOFT & SMOOTH TOUCH: It also contains aloe vera and white willow bark. Aloe Vera soothes and contains enzymes that help break down and dissolve unwanted dead skin cells. White Willow Bark is anti-inflammatory and soothing. It also has salicylic acid that helps the skin shed dead cells and clear.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Rohr Remedy Honey Myrtle Body Wash is natural skincare. It contains all-natural ingredientswhich protect your skin easily. Our organic body wash is Free from parabensphthalatespetrochemicalspropylene glycolsulfatessynthetic fragrancesBisphenol A (BPA)artificial colorsaluminumand silicones.
BENEFITS: It Contains twice the Vitamin C of an orange. A wonderful source of Vitamin Efolatemagnesiumand calcium. A valuable vegetarian/vegan source of iron and zinc. Our body washes also harnesses anti-microbial and antifungal qualities from the Honey Myrtle plantkilling any nasty germs and smells that you pick up on the day-to-day.
PERFECT FOR SKIN REPAIRMENT: This body moisturizer is gentle enough to be used every day. It can also be used to clean hands just as effectively as hand soap. A combination of skin-natural nourishers and plant-based moisturizers that absorb into the top layers of skin. We work with nature which means our products provide the nutrients required by each individual - optimizing skin conditionleaving it softnourishedand glowing.

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