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First developed at Smith RockOregonRhino is created to be an essential care product to help combat the brutal effects of sharp crimps and rough rock. Formulated by a pharmacist and built by a chefRhino Skin Solution products are packed with essential oils and attention to balanced texture and scent. Our non-greasy formula sets us apart from other skin care products. Start your skin recovery now.

Where skin is a valuable resource and bad skin can shut you down on your projectRhino products have been developed to maintainenhanceand help recovery of fingers and muscles.

We set out to make a product that prevents splits and cracks and keeps skin durabletough and dry.The team involved in the development of Rhino Skin Solutions spans a wide breadth of climbing disciplines.We testedlistened to and worked with AlpineSport and Traditional ClimbersSkiersYoga instructors and doctorsclimbers who are pushing themselves into the upper end of the game and climbers who participate recreationally.

The one thing we all have in common is we want the best. Rhino always has this in mind.

How to Use

Created by Smith Rock LocalsRhino Knows the Importance of Good Skin

Rhino's line of products focuses on the largest organ in the bodythe skin. We understand what it takes to succeed. Whether it is that extra bit of nutritionthat little extra restor a push from a friend or competitorRhino will be there to keep you healthy and ready to perform.

Now you can give your skin the same care you give the rest of your body. Rhino Skin Solutions has a line up of products to strengthenbuildrepairclean and maintain the best skin environment for your activity.

Repair Cream

Designed to heal dryswollen and abused hands and feet. Our climbing lotion is a non-greasy natural solution that soothes and replenishes dry skin. It contains analgesic mentholnourishing magnesium and essential oils which give a fantastic smell. It comes in an airless bottle which dispenses lotion until it is emptyensuring there SOOTHING REPAIRING CREAM: Rhino

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