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Effective and Comfortable Brushing!

Relax Artist Screw-on Replacement Toothbrush Heads have been proven to do a thorough cleaning on both teeth surface and deep in-between

Powerful Cleaning

Bristles are densely-packed to assure effective cleaningcovering enough brushing areas to thoroughly remove the plaque.

Gentle Gum Caring

End-rounded design makes you feel more comfortable during brushingprotecting your teeth and gums from being irritated.

Professional and Trustworthy

Be relieved when brushing with Relax Artist toothbrush heads as top-quality Genuine US DuPont filaments are applied100% same as name brand.

These Relax Artist replacement brush heads are compatible with all of the following handle models:

HX3xxx: HX3300 HX3351 HX3500 HX3551 HX3881

HX4xxx: HX4002 HX4101 HX4011 HX4321 HX4472 HX4511 HX4572 HX4573 HX4772 HX4871 HX4872

HX5xxx: HX5130 HX5251 HX5300 HX5310 HX5350 HX5351 HX5352 HX5400 HX5451 HX5500 HX5551 HX5581 HX5610 HX5611 HX5751 HX5752 HX5754 HX5810 HX5853 HX5910

HX7xxx: HX7351 HX7361 HX7381 HX7551 HX7553 HX7800 HX7841 HX7881

HX9xxx: HX9500 HX9551 HX9552 HX9553 HX9562 HX9842 HX9882

Other:Advance e-4000/Essence e-5000/Elite e7000/e9000/Xtreme/e3000

Clean and Convenient for Storage

Each replacement head has its own sealed packaging as well as a capperfect for clean storage or travel.

Two ColorsNO Confusing

Two different color rings help you easily distinguish your replacement head from your mate

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