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Fresh-Start Foaming Cleanser

Start your morning and evening routine with this freshfasteffective cleanser you can count on!


Luminous 3-Minute Peel

Fast and effective with no acids or abrasives. Exfoliate weekly in the shower or more frequently as needed. To prevent breakouts and acnepeel three times per week. Use a tiny amount before shaving to prevent in-grown hair.


Environmental Rescue Daily Serum

Lightfreshinvisible armor helps to avoid negative effects on the skin due to environmental toxins and pollution encountered everywhereevery day.


Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream

Vanishes quicklyprovides serious hydrationand works best with Environmental Rescue Daily Serum.

The incredible Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel for BODY!

Please read the directions carefully. This BODY PEEL is water activated and should be used in the shower on one body area at a time using a very thin layer of product and gentle massage. Do not abrade or rub away skinjust gently massage using a light touch and water and watch the product COMBINE with your dead skin to form new bits!Cosmetic sand helps to ensure removal of these bits but this this is NOT a scrub.

Removes:Blackheads & WhiteheadsKeratosis Pilaris bumpsEczema PatchesUneven pigment

Helps to prevent and resolve: Body acne and breakoutsUneven spray tanIngrown hair (facebikiniunderarmneck).

Its hydrating ingredients and invigorating fragrance will leave your skin softrefreshedand luminous so you can enjoy radiant armsshouldershandsand d -

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