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Radha Beauty Essential Oils

100% Pure and Natural

Our Radha Beauty Essential Oil goes through strict testing to ensure top quality100% pure essential oil is produced. That means no fillersno additivesand no synthetics.


Radha Beauty Essential Oil is often used for aromatherapy to encourage a positive mood and feelings of inner peace. Each essential oil has unique properties that can be used to ease your mindbodyand soul. Aromatherapy can be used with a diffuseressential oil-safe humidifierdiffusing jewelryor topically diluted with a carrier oil.

Topical Use

Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote a youthful appearance. They can be diluted with a carrier oil and used on the face and body or in the hair. Add a drop or two to your bath products for an extra boost!

Diluting Essential Oils

Dilutions depend on the person you are using the essential oil for and the type of essential oil (lavender is less potent than rosefor example).

In generalyou can follow the guidelines below. When trying new essential oils on the skintest the dilution in a patch test by placing a dime-sized amount near the elbow and checking for irritationburningor rashes after 24-48 hours.

It Rosemary Oil has been known to aid in regulating oily skin and hair without diminishing the natural oils of the body. It can also act as a neutralizer to rejuvenate dry skin conditions and acne-prone skin.
Its alluring scent promotes increased mental activity and blood circulationwhich in turn can uplift the spirit and give you that boost of focus and energy.
Look for our beautiful cobalt blue bottle to ensure you are getting an authentic Radha Beauty product.

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