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A great refill. Recommended for when you want to refresh. Premium EX formulaa combination of spa science and live medicine. Spa science: Highly concentrated carbonated gasraw medicine. Ginger powder (active ingredients) and d-limonen (fragrance ingredients) and menthol (cooling ingredients). For a feeling that does not get tired and stiff shoulders. Scent: Active yellow (approx. Transparent type) Hot water; Effects: Fatiguestiff shoulderscold diseaseback painwastefulnessphysisnerve painrheumatoid painthawayhemorrhoidscracksrashesrashesplasteacneand postpartum cold symptoms

Safety Information

Precautions for Use: This product cannot be eaten. If there are skin defects or physical abnormalitiesconsult a physician before use. If any abnormalities such as rashrednessitchingor irritation appears on skin during or after usestop using and consult a dermatologist. Symptoms may deteriorate with continued use. In the event that this product is swallowedtake measures such as drinking water and consult a physician. Take care of slipping in the bathtub when bathing. Do not use this product with other bath products. Do not use for purposes other than bathing. Remove dirt from the tub with a bath detergent as soon as possible. Over timethe color may become difficult to fall off and the color of the bath agent may adhere to it. This product does not contain IO for hanging bathtubs and tubs. Oil film may be visible on the hot waterbut this is a synthetic materialso it does not affect the quality. Some melts may occurbut if you mix hot water to dissolve cleanly. If you chase with hot water that has dissolved bath liquidsdirt from the piping and bath tubs may appear. [Caution when refilling] Please use all of the products of the product before refilling it. The main container can be used without washing (it will foamed if there is moisture). To preserve qualitydo not stick to other containers Do not mix with moisture or other products. Please be careful not to let moisture enter when refilling. Due to the characteristics of the formulathe powder may be frayed when refilling. If it gets in your eyesdo not rub it off immediately


[Usage] Dissolve the trapezant at a ratio of about 0.9 oz (25 g) in 3.5 gal (100 L) of hot water before bathing. If your face is placed close to the hot water surface during the foamit may cause it to get in rare instances

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