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QMSILR Hair Towel Wrap for Women Microfiber Absorbent Towel for Hair Quick Dry Hair Towel with Button Fast Drying Hair Caps Hair Turban

Quantity: 3 pack
Material: Microfiber fabric
Sizes: 25.19 x 8.85 Inches
Wash Method: Machine-washable
Target Audience: Unisex children or adult

Save your money
Blow-drying your hair can be time-consumingespecially when you are in a hurry. Excessively dry hair will lose its lusterforming brittle split ends or even breaking. In additionevery minute you use the hair dryer will increase your utility bill.

Say goodbye to friction
We usually use ordinary towels to wipe vigorously near the scalp after washing the hair. This wiping will act on the hair in all the wrong waysthereby promoting the spread of frizz and breakage. Say goodbye to frictionour hair towel allows you to simply wrap your hair snugly in super-absorbent microfiber.

Cut drying time in half
After washing your hairwrap it in a towel made of super-soft microfiber. In just ten minutesit absorbs nearly 75% of the water. It will saves your time and benefits the health and shine of your hair.

Keep your head warm and comfortable
Wrap it in a towel and secure it with the buttons after washing your hair . You can be sure that the towel will not slip off. Effectively keep the head warm and comfortable after the hair dries. With pineapple plaid designit SUPER ABSORBING WATER: The hair towel is made of super absorbent microfiber fabricwhich is machine washablesoft and comfortable. Dry your hair faster and more thoroughly. There is no dripping in daily usewhich greatly saves your time. It will stays on your head while you perform the rest of your routine.
REDUCE HEATING DAMAGE: Hair is fragilest when wet. This microfiber towel can speed up hair drying. Effectively reduce unnecessary heat or friction generated by ordinary towels and hair dryers. Minimizes frizz and hair breakagewhich is good for health and makes hair smoother.
EASY TO USE: The button and strap are firmly stitched on hair towel wrapno worries slipping or unraveling. Ideal hair drying towel for women to makeupfacial and massagealso perfect for a fun time at swimming pool or a great day at the beachwet hair is no longer an obstacle.
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: 25.19x8.85(64x 22cm) fits all ages. Whether your hair is straightcurlythinthickwavyflatcoarselong or dyedthe quick dry hair towel will holds your hair to be wrapped properly and drys hair out quickly.
3 PACK IN MULTI-COLORS: 3 Colors in 1 setenough quantity for daily use and replacement. They are so exquisite and beautiful that you can send them as gifts to your familylover and friends.

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