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HANYUL Geuk Jin Toner Set ( Skin 150mlEmulsion 125ml Skin 25ml x 2Essence 7mlCream 8ml ). Hanyul Geuk Jin Skin 150ml ,25mlx2 -A toner that contains fermented ginseng capsules with rich nutrient and water feeling. - Rich moisture and nutrients absorbed to skin immediately as soon as applied for watery skin . Hanyul Geuk Jin Emulsion 125ml - Quickly penetrate skin with soft feeling and gives smoothening and moistizing care for rough skin. Hanyul Geuk Jin Essence 7ml -Ginseng fermentation capsules immediately penetrates skin and delivers nutrients deep into the skin . -Delivers rich elasticity to tired skin to give a younger impression. Hanyul Geuk Jin Cream 8ml - Precious fermented ginseng capsules are raise anneun soft cream wrapped in skin tight skin elasticity densely pull my spare premium anti-aging beauty cream . -Fermentation ,Ginseng capsules having a sense of rich nutrients and moisture feeling of use lotion .



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