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Silly Goats SoapLotions and other goat goodies are all made on our little farm and are made with pure goat's milk from our silly little herd of Lamancha goats.

Nestled on Top Of Oxbow HillIn UpstateNew York

Silly Goats Farm raises registered Lamancha goats. We got Lamancha's because they are American made! They have funnyvery friendly dispositions. As I like to say "They are like dogsthat don't listen" ! And in case you are wonderingthey are very silly!

We love GodAmerica and all the opportunity this great country has to offer. And we are blessed to be able to work from our farmwith familyfriends and all of our animals. In that same spiritwe love making qualitynatural products that the average family like yours and mine can afford. That is our goal and what we strive for every day.

"Made With Love From Our Family To Yours"

Our Goat's Milk Soap & Lotions are Made With All-Natural Ingredients.

Our handmade products are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

  • Our Lotions - Are a classic and wholesome originalthat is thickcreamy and so luxurious. Our lotions are soothing and great for all skin types leaving your body feeling moisturized andhealthy.
  • Our Goat Milk Soaps - We only use pure goat milknatural oils and essential oils to produce our long lastingmoisturizing bar soap. You Made with 100% Raw Goat Milk (NO WATER) from our herd of Silly goats.
    Great for sensitive skin.
    Made in small batches for a premium product.
    All bars hand poured and hand cut. Made In The USA!
    Unscented For Sensitive skin.

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