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PSM professional skin care series PSM facial mask series are human-friendly skin care products made with the best raw materials are used in foods as possibleto help maintain skin health and beauty for a long time


For tired & dry skinsensitive skin and all skin types. Moisturizing and soothing effect. Gives freshness to the skin. Removes skin impurities. Skin pore refining and tightening. Helps trouble skin control.


Diatomaceous EarthGlucoseAlginateCalcium SulfateTetrasodium PyrophosphateMagnesium OxideOlea Europaea Fruit ExtractLicorice ExtractAllantoinSodium HyaluronateChromium Hydroxide GreenFragrance


Prepare a mixing bowl & spatula. Using measuring cuptake out 2 scoops of mask powder into a mixing bowl. With same measuringadd 1 1/2 scoops of water to mask powder. Using spatulamix mask powder and water gently and quickly until well blended and rubberized. Using same spatulaapply rubberized mask to face evenly and generously. And rest in peace while waiting for 1520 minutes until mask solidifies. Peel off the solidified mask gently from the chin side. Wash off the remained mask.

For tired & dry skinsensitive skin and all skin types
moisturizing and soothing effect. gives freshness to the skin.
removes skin impuritiesskin pore refining and tighteninghelps trouble skin control
Q'ty for more than 12 times usescoop includedsealed firmly for your protection and freshness
No parabenNo alcoholNo bezophenoneNo tar

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