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Taza Sandalwood Natural Soap provides mild cleansing and keeps your skin softradiantglowingand healthy. It also regenerates and moisturizes your skin. Key ingredients: Coconut OilOlive OilPalm Fruit OilCastor OilMango Seed ButterSandalwood Powderand Kaolin Clay. Get your Taza Sandalwood Natural Soap.


fruit oil

Contains Activated Bamboo Charcoal which absorb mineralstoxinsimpuritiesand other harmful substances from your skinleaving your skin stronger and healthier; this ingredient also acts as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and is an effectivenatural treatment for acne; moreoverthe Activated Bamboo Charcoal enables this soap to clean deep inside your skin pores
Contains Tea Tree Oil which is known to help clear up acne without being overly drying. This oil is also a natural antiseptichelping to reduce bacteria and inflammation on your skin

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