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Avocado oil is a great source of lecithin. Thisfatty substance acts as a super emulsifier and lubricant. When applied topicallylecithin forms a protective covering on your hair follicles and your skin If you have blemished skinage spots or sun damaged skinthere's good news. The sterolins found in avocado oil can reduce blemishes and also relieve damaged skinin particular damage caused by sun exposure.
If you know anything at all about skin careyou know how important collagen is to keeping your skin smoothfirm and looking young. Avocado oilfor skin care purposeshelps to increase collagen production naturally. In other wordsit helps to form a natural barrier against wrinkles and many other signs of aging skin.
Using avocado oil once or twice a month can help to keep your hair in tip top condition. If your hair is extremely damaged or you are trying to recover from chemical processesit may be used more often.
Avocado oil is also a good way to relieve itchydry scalp. Take advantage of the high fat content of avocado oil by massaging it into your scalp. The fats are easily absorbed through your skin and will help soothe your scalp. It is also known to help stimulate hair growth.
These properties are why avocado oil is an excellent component to your health and beauty routine to restore shine and health to dry and mistreated hair.

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