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Important Tips!!!
1. Do not use in the following situations: A. Patients with periodontitisgingivitisand other dental diseases B. During bleeding gums C. During dental treatments such as fillings and inserts D. Patients with oral diseases.
2. The plaque remover for teeth cleans tartar through high-frequency vibration and stimulates the gums. Bleeding gums are normal and harmless to gums.
3. The ultrasonic tooth cleaner adopts real ultrasonic technology instead of being driven by a motorso the handle will not vibrate when openedand there will be no working sound.
4. It is safe for gum and teeth. The plaque remover for teeth will only start when the cleaning head touches teeth or hard objects. It will automatically stop vibrating when it touches soft gumsso it will not harm your gums. Even in low modeit can quickly and effectively remove hard tartar. But please don Powerful Ultrasonic Technology. A comfortable and relaxing massage for your teeth. PELZZLE ultrasonic tooth cleaner adopts true ultrasonic technology with vibration frequency up to 40kHzwhich can effortlessly remove calculusstubborn tartarcoffee stains and cigarette stains on teeth. At the same timeit does not leave tracesresulting in flawless white teeth.
Five Cleaning Modes. Complete oral hygiene. The plaque remover for teeth has 5 intensity modesideal for different types of stains and varied gum sensitivity. Thereforeit is very suitable for the elderlyadultschildren (over 12 years old)and even pets.
Specialized Hygiene Kit. Give your teeth a thorough and thorough cleaning. The plaque remover for teeth has three different heads for cleaning surface tartar and interdental separations. In additionthanks to the auxiliary light and the dental mirrorhard-to-reach areas can be easily cleanedrestoring the original color and appearance of the teeth.
No Pain and No Vibration. Get a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. Adopting ultrasonic technologythe plaque remover for teeth is only activated when the cleaning head touches the teeth or hard surfaces; If it touches the gums or soft surfacesit will stop working automaticallyoffering total safety for your entire oral cavity. In additionthe handle of the ultrasonic tooth cleaner does not vibrate during use and the noise level is very low.
USB Rechargeable Battery. Long standby timecan be charged anytimeanywhere. The plaque remover for teeth has a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery (USB cable is included). 3 hours of fast charging for about 52 uses (5 minutes for each use)suitable for various types of chargingsuch as mobile powerphone chargerdesktop or laptop.

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