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Perfume Studio Fragrance IMPRESSION Blend. Compare scent accords to Sweet Flowers*. An AlcoholPhthalate and Paraben Free Pure Perfume Oil Creation Made from Skin Safe Natural & Processed Ingredients.

NOTE: If this is your first time buying this perfume oil blendwe highly recommend to first order the 10ML Roll-on to fully experience the fragrance characteristics before buying the larger bulk size bottles.

Perfume Studio oils are made using complex and expensive premium grade raw materials and of skin-safe composition of natural essential oils; including the same or better quality materials found in famous fragrance brands at a fraction of the cost. Our Premium Perfume oils are perfectly balanced with topheart and base notes. Our oils are made for the perfume enthusiast to enjoy their favorite scent type and/or the entrepreneur to create and market their own custom product in beautybath and body and candle making products. We are a manufacturer and sell our premium pure oils at the lowest possible price to pass on the savings to our customers. IMPORTANT: Please be on the lookout for other online vendors that sell their diluted fragrance oils as pure at a lower price to make a big profit. Our oils are fully guaranteed to be 100% pureof the highest quality and undiluted.

*DISCLAIMERPLEASE READ: This Perfume Studio fragrance oil has similar scent accords to that of mentioned competitor/s. Howeverit is a different fragrance and the use of third party

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