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"What exactly are blackheadsFor the majority of the oily skin peoplethe stubborn blackheads and pore-clogged dirt are messy questions in our daily life.

Blackheads are small balls of dirt and debris that are clogged in your pores. They turn black when they become oxidized from the air. Herewe provide an ideal solution for you to get rid of blackheadsclogged poresand blemishes.


Before using the Peel Off Maskit KAOLIN SKINCARE MASK: Modern people often face skin problems like acneoily skinstrawberry noselarge poresand blackheads due to prolonged using of the computer and television. Our face mask helps remove blackheadswhiteheadsreduce acneand keep your face smooth and tender.
NATURAL PLANTS-INFUSED: Made from natural ingredients such as Centella AsiaticaCamellia sinensisour facial mask is 100% safe. Our product can effectively soothe and moisturize the skinhelp to rebalance and restore a glowing complexion.
DEEP FACIAL CLEANSING: When used as an intensivedeep-cleaning face maskthe formula helps produce a cooling sensation as the ingredients penetrates deep into pores. It can soothenourishmoisturize and deeply heal your skinunclog pores and peel away impurities. Keep your face more delicate!
WARMING TIPS: Please make a small test before use to confirm that there is no allergy. After daily cleansinguse a warm towel to the T area to open pores. Apply appropriate amount of black mask to your nose for 15-20 minutes. Peel off the black mask gently from the bottom to the top. Rinse face with warm water.
100% SATISFACTION : We stand behind our Peel Off Mask .The Natural & Certified Organic ingredients make it a pain-free blackhead remover. Our black masks performs better than other leading blackhead acne masks like Indian healing claysAzdek clay masks and Korean masksit won

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