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Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hyaluronic Pen
Injection Depth: 4-6 mm
Resolution: 0.01ml (1lU)
Single Injection Dosage: 0.01-0.12ML
Service Life: about 5000 times
Function: remove wrinklesremove eye bagscrow's feet removal and hyaluronic acid injection

Package List:
1 x Main Machine
1 x Ampoule Head
1 x Taking Medicine Needle

FEATURE: 0.3ML hyaluronic acid injection peninjection depth is 4-6 mmresolution is 0.01ml (1lU)single injection dose is 0.01-0.12 mlservice life is up to 5000 timesapplicable men and women of all ages.
PRESSURE MACHINE PRINCIPLE: High pressure is generated through the pressure deviceand the liquid is pushed out from the front end top micro holes to form a 0.17mm ultra-fine liquid columnwhich penetrates the skin to reach the subcutaneous instantlyso as to achieve the wrinkles removal effect.
SAFE TO USE: Needle free injection designavoid touching subcutaneous nerve tissuecan greatly reduce the injection pain. It doesn't cause any skin damageand no swelling after injectionso there is very little chance of infection.
EFFICACY: Used together with beauty productsit helps to remove wrinklesremove eye bagsremove crow's feetreduce blemisheswrinkles and markshas firming and filling functionscan increase collagen levelsthereby creating new and youthful skinso it can make the skin revitalization.
EASY TO USE: This needle free injection pen can penetrate medicine into the bottom of the skin in the form of a spraywhich is more conducive to human absorption for faster effect. Simple to operate and easy to control the dosagepen type design is comfortable to grip.

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