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Sit downshuffle upand deal me in.

  • Smells of good bourbonold-fashioned humidorand a little leather.
  • Refined as hell (won WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE After a long dayyou pour yourself a glass of fine bourbon. At the first sipyou feel yourself slipping into the warm bath of flavor: the smokinessthe warmththe depth. This is the body wash that smells like that feels.
    IT'S LIKE A RELAXING MASSAGE OF SCENTSwashing away your concerns and troubles of the day. It won't make you smell like a distilleryeither. It's sweetwithout being too sweet. It's smoothwithout being ... noit's totally too smooth. But so are you. Game recognizes game.
    WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE This velvety satin of suds is delightfully latherful and leaves your skin silky smooth. And it's highly efficient! Just one squirt of this liquid elixir is enough to fill your shower with the sweet and sultry scent of the gentleman (or gentlewoman) you definitely are.
    WITH OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING (this fine bottle is aluminum!)it's the bottle you can be proud to have in your shower... you knowfor whoever happens to be in your shower (I'm not going to get into your businessok)
    WHAT IF I DON'T LOVE IT All our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We

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