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Comes with beauty treatment machineprotective eye-wearinstructions. Reduction of veins and unwanted capillaries is achieved very fast. Very safe and effective on facialnoseforehead and legs. Also Approved For: Permanent Hair RemovalSkin ToningBody SculptingAcne ReductionPhoto RejuvenationHyper Pigment - Age Spot RemovalTattoo RemovalWrinkle ReductionStretch Mark ReductionPsoriasisRosaceaSun DamageBlemish RemovalNail Treatment and More. Brought to you by Bio Avancethe leader in Salon and Medispa Cosmetology EquipmentAccessories and Supplies. Chosen by more professionals.

Reduce unwanted veins and capillaries by 95% in 2-3 treatments. Improves tonetexture and vibrance of the skin.
Fast results using the lastest technology.
120jcm2/second output power. Works on 110-240 VoltsWorldwide.
This item is returnable. 90 day100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact the manufacturer directly by emailing or calling the number on the back page of the instructions for assistance.
This is the vein reduction system you have been looking for. Start enjoying the benefits today!

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