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Add Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha Tool Into your daily rituals and enjoy your new glow. Just like Jade StonesRose Quartz stones have been used for thousands of years for WellnessBeauty and ancient Weapon. Serenity 7X Facial Rollers are built to have a coolingsoothing effect for your skin and soul. Invest in the BEST Rose Quartz roller to enjoy the maximum benefits!

Rose Quartz Roller:

Helps improve blood circulationskin tonean elasticity of the skinand lymphatic drainage. It also reduces puffinesswrinklesdark under eye circlesand eliminates toxins from your skinresulting in a brighter complexion.

Gua Sha Tool:

Gua Sha tool gives a similar effect on the skin. Our Gua sha tool is versatile because of the shape and it gives you more control in massaging/ scraping the skin. Scraping the skin stimulates the outer layer and clears the lymph that causes puffiness.

INDULGE AND PAMPER your skin with the healing touch of 100% premium natural Rose Quartz Rollerdouble rollers with most advanced noise-free patented insert. We only use Genuine Rose Quartz Stone imported from Brazilmanufactured by Serenity 7XCalifornia based company.

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