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1.)New!! Wanthai Rose Placenta Cream Formula For Normal skin - Oily Skin 50g. Anti Aging Firming Skin

How to use: After cleansing the face. Touch the cream a little. Point 5 points on the faceuse fingertips to gently caress for the cream to be absorbed into the skin Use regularly every morning and before bedtime.

Ingredients : Rose Placenta Extract . Collagen . Licorice . Vitamin E . Vitamin A . Sweet Almond Oil . Olive Oil . Grapeseed Oil

Small tip: Use with turnip soapmoringa soapcinnamon soapstar fruit soap or Thai ginseng soap. will get better results

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Content : 50ml/Box

Valuable innovation of Rose Placenta and various leading herbs for the ultimate in maintenance that absorbs quickly but deeply Answer the problem of skin that is exposed to pollutionsunlight and traces of time.
Helps reduce wrinkles
Reduce dullness skin
Adjust the skin to be radiant naturally.
Your skin is fullerfirmersmootherlooks younger.

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