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NaturDent Denture Adhesive

Do you use a denture adhesive; If yesthis patented denture adhesive cream NaturDent guarantees extra strong and extra-long holding power for upper dentures and especially for lower dentures. Natural pine resin acts as the perfect stabilisier for dentures; no movementno more slipping and a secure feeling all day long! NaturDent also provides extra protection against food particles trapped under dentures. NaturDent adhesive is a product for those denture wearers who avoid using any denture adhesives because of chemical ingredients. NaturDent is also an alternative product for those who would like to change to an adhesive based on natural ingredients. Try it today.

Apart from making your dentures feel more comfortablenatural adhesives also help in sealing the space between the gum and the dentures. This prevents foods and liquids from seeping in between hence ensuring good oral hygiene and fresh breath all day long.Shifting from artificial denture adhesives to natural denture adhesives is the best thing you can do for your health. Try it today.

It's strongit's healthyit's unique and contains NaturaL PINE RESIN extracted from the barks of pine trees. NaturDent Denture Adhesive is only made of food-grade ingredientswhich are used in the food industrytoo. Try it today.

The world SUPERB DENTURE RETENTION - Improves retention for dentures . HOLDS upper and lower dentures for LONGER and STRONGER.

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