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1. Soak the facial sponge in water for only 2 seconds until it expands to full size.

2. Wring out the sponge to remove excess water before using.

3. Apply facial cleanser or makeup remover to the sponge.

4. Gently massage face with sponge in circular motions.

5. After each userinse and wring out the water.

6. Leave it to air dry and store in a cooldry place for next use.

Deep CleansingCompressed facial sponge can deep cleansing pores and gently exfoliates skin. You can used alongside your makeup remover and cleanserapply them on your facial spongeand then gently massage on your face to remove makeupface maskdirt and much more.
Soft and ComfortableThese cleansing sponges have many holes on the surfaceexpandable to full size just using water. Then you can gently scrub the skin. They are all comfortable and softmany professional spas and beauticians are using it.
Natural Materials & SafeThese facial exfoliating sponges are made of natural plant fiberswithout any chemicals. Cleansing and exfoliating without irritation or harsh chemical odor. Suitable for all types of skineven sensitive skin can be used with confidence.
Reusable & BiodegradableThese reusable facial sponges can be reused many timeswash with clean water after and dry out each useand store in a cool and dry place for the next use. Made of pure natural plant fiberbiodegradable. When you need to replace a new cellulose spongesdon

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