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Molain 2Pcs Korean Exfoliating Mitts Scrubbing Exfoliator Gloves for Smooth Skin and Self Tanner Prep Exfoliating Body Scrub Microdermabrasion at HomeDead Skin Remover Shower Gloves

Description: Size:5.85 x 8.19 x 0.07inch
Material: 100% viscose
Package: 2Pcs Korean exfoliating mitts

How To Use The Exfoliating Mitts
1. Soften your skin first with steam and warm water from the shower or soaking in the tub for several minutes. No productsoilsor cleansers. Just water!
2. Dampen and Wring Out Mittsremove the area to be exfoliated from a direct water source so the mitt can grip your skin better. Test a small area first to see if the skin easily lifts away or if more steam/soak time is needed.
3. Use Circular Motion to Exfoliatewith your hand in a mittuse small circles or back and forth strokes to exfoliate one section at a time. Increase the pressure slowly until you comfortably get that deep exfoliation. You may see skin rolling offor you may just feel super soft! Everyone is different. It may take you a few sessions to nail the soak time and pressure needed for you.
4. Finish with your favorite cleanser and moisturizer as usual. Hand wash your mitts and let them air dry between uses to maximize their lifespan.

Improving Your Skin TextureMolain exfoliating mitt works with different skin texturesWhen you use our exfoliating body scrubber 2-4x a monthyou

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