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MOISYN is clinically proven to replace moisture and relieve pain associated with dry mouthand is designed to restore healthy mouth functions safely and naturally. In a publishedpeer-reviewed clinical study of dry mouth sufferersMOISYN was proven to reduce pain and increase comfort. A majority of dry mouth sufferers CLINICALLY PROVEN: Moisyn dry mouth oral spray is clinically proven to reduce oral pain and discomfort*
CLEANS & MOISTURIZES: Moisyn cleans your mouth and freshens your breath while also relieving dry mouth symptoms
MILD FLAVOR: Our soothing mouthwash spray has a mild spearmint flavor with a balancedneutral pH
NATURALLY DERIVED: Moisyn is free of harsh chemicalsalcohol-free and has naturally derived ingredients. Caution: contains shellfish derivatives.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Buy our dry mouth relief spray worry free. Don

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