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Skin Tag Remover PadsHigh-QualityEffective Skin Tags Removal TreatmentSkin Tag Remover 42 Pad

Skin Tag Remover Pads are made of high-qualitypremium ingredientswhich will efficiently remove skin tags. A safe and simple way to useno need to scare and worry about removing skin tags. You will see the result after a couple of days when you use our skin tag remover pads continuously.


1. Efficiently remove skin tags with premium ingredients.

2. Safe to use without scary.

3. Cushion includedwhich will help to against pressure and pain.

4. Adhesive well and keep in stay for all day long.


Step 1: Wash the affected area and dry thoroughly.

Step 2: If your skin tag is smaller than the yellow medicated patchplease take out the yellow medicated partcut it for a suitable size to fix your skin tag Then put the yellow medicated part back to bandage. (Do not attach the medicated patch on the healthy skin.)

Step 3: Place the medicated round part firmly over the center of the skin tagadhesive next to the surrounding skin.

Step 4: Repeat the treatment daily as needed until the skin tag is removed. (The results may vary from person to person) The treatment can go up to 14 days depends on your skin tag size.


Only apply on the skin tag.

Do not use on the healthy skinfaceand neck.

Stay clear of your eyeseyelidsand other mucous membranes.

Do not use if you are diabeticpregnant or breastfeeding

Do not use on irritated skin or on any area that is infected or reddened

Keep out of reach of children

For external use only PACKAGE INCLUDED:

One box | 42 skin tags remover pads

Restore Your Original Beauty: Say goodbye to unwanted skin tags and recover your beautiful skin! Our skin tag remover pads are effective in removing unwanted skin marks to giving you the skin you have always dreamed of! We are totally confident that you will feel and look your best!
Effective Skin Tag Remover Pads: Our top-quality skin tag removal treatment contains highly effective ingredients that give you a more professional treatment at the comfort of your home! A perfect balance between efficiency and safetythe pads work by shrinking and drying out tags until they fall off naturally.
Painless And Scar Free: Enjoy an easy and pain free way to flawless skin with our skin tag remover pads made to leave your skin soft and comfortable. They are a fast and cost-effective alternative to surgical procedures and a reliable way to eliminate skin tags without fear. This skin tag removal treatment is scar free!
Advanced Blend Of Premium Ingredients: Made with high-quality ingredientsour skin tag remover pads completely removes skin tag effectively. They are easy to stick on your skin and cover the skin tags with a soft round cushion giving you maximum comfort for all day long. It includes 42 pads in the packagewhich is enough for your whole family to use.
Happy Customer Service: These amazing skin tag remover pads can be used on the foot and body. If you are not satisfied with your purchasefeel free to talk to us and we will be happy to help.

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