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make p:rem Hydrate me. Micro Tension Cream

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make p:rem's Hydrate me. Micro Tension Cream is designed for one main purposethat isto hydrate your skinand it does that quite well.This particular cream gained great popularity since its inceptionowing to its wonderfully potent moisturization ability.Why

  • Layered Hyaluronic Acid.With three different types and weights of hyaluronic acidthis cream isin partdesigned to penetrate different layers of the skin with these different forms of hyaluronic acid to offer a more comprehensive 'hydrating' experience.
  • An Almost Jelly-like Cream Texture.This special formulation is designed to be absorbed rapidly into your skinleaving your skin with a more visibly moisturized and firmer complexion.
  • It Just Moisturizes.Yeahthere's ingredients like raspberry extractsbirch extractand morebut the bottom line is that this cream will simply leave your skin feeling 'quenched'.And who doesn't like being quenched

An Almost Jelly-Like Texture

For Your Skin

If you tap the side of the tubyou just might feel that jelly-like jiggle we've mentioned earlier!It's still a creamthoughalbeit a rich one.Despite thatthis cream will be rapidly absorbed into your skin to provide that much-needed moisturization.

This cream is rich but not oily.It helps hydrate your skin from the inside out.It helps reinforce and strengthen the skin's natural barrier.And by doing sohelps improve the skin's elasticity as well.

3 Types of Hyaluronic Acids

Each With Its Own Benefits

A clinical evaluation has shown that this toner has rather impressive moisturization powers - with just one application improving skin moisture by over 450%.But this can be true with pretty much anythinglike water.What is noticeably special about this toner is that after a full dayor 24 hoursafter the applicationthat a notable increase in skin moisturization is still maintainedat over 200%.

This toner is not designed to be the end-all-be-all or all-in-one product designed to tackle the issues of dry skin and skin moisture replenishmentbut it definitely is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a newquality toner.

Featured Ingredients

Raspberry Extract

Not just delicious to eatraspberry extract is known for its ability to help hydrate and support the natural strength of the skin.

Fennel Leaf Extract

The extract of the fennel lead is known for its ability to help clarify and calm the skin.

Thyme Extract

Thymewhile being a wonderful herb to eatalso contains extracts that help revitalize and supply moisture to the skin.

Roobios Extract

Another 'edible' ingredientthe Roobois plant contains a natural ingredient to help 'cool' the skin.

Sensitive SkinNo Problem!

Checking if Sensitive Skin Reacts to this Cleansing Foam...

...and the answer is (generally) no!We say generally because its impossible to ensure it for every single person - its just not possible.But for the vast majority of the people out therethis cream will be just fine!make p:rem submits most of their products for dermatological evaluation to ensure that their products have the best effects possible for their customers.Their Safe me. Relief essence toner is no different.

Institution:Korea Dermatology Research Institute

Date Range: April 192016 - April 222016

Participants: 30 Adults

Purpose:Skin Sensitivity and Reaction Evaluation

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  • FastFree ShippingFastFree Shipping DOES NOT CLOG PORE & SAFE INGREDIENTS: Makeprem hydrate me cream is formulated with non-irritatingnatural ingredientsproviding all day and night long moisturization. Helps to restore moisture and oil balance on skin. The hydrating formula will be absorbed deeply through the layer of skin in seconds without clogging pores or sticky feeling.
    NOT HYPOALLERGIC & 80% INCREASE IN HYDRATION: Makeprem moisturizing tension cream is formulated with natural raspberry extractshyaluronic acids and deeply hydrating ingredients. The makeprem moisturizer provide all day and night long hydration. The cream helps to restore hydration and reduce fine lines and . The facial cream will be absorbed deeply through the layer of skin quickly and it is proven to increase moisture level by 80%!
    CREAM SUITABLE FOR WIDER RANGE OF SKIN TYPE: The moisturizing face cream free of fragrancehypoallergic and comedogenics. The facial moisturizer is suitable for women and men with drysensitivenormal & acne proneagingoily and normal skin. The makeprem moisturizer can be applied as a night cream or for morning skin care routine and it will leave long-lasting a smooth & soft texture upon the layer of the skin.
    ALL DAY LONG HYDRATION : Makeprem tension cream is formulated with 3 types of hyaluronic acids which provides all day and night long moisturization. The cream helps to restore hydration and healthy skin. Hydrating formula will be absorbed deeply through the layer of skin in seconds without clogging pores or heavy feeling.
    Expiration date: 36 months from the date of manufacturing. 12 months after initial opening.

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