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Maja Extreme Moisture

  • Extreme Moisture Body Lotion
  • For Extra Dry Skin
  • Elegantly Scented
  • w/Almond Oil & Vitamin E

Maja Collagen Elastin

  • Helps Improve Skin Elasticity
  • Maja Collagen Elastin
  • Elegantly Scented
  • w/Vitamin A & ECollagen Elastin

Maja Aqua Lotion

  • Formulated for Extremely Dry Skin
  • Maja Aqua Turquoise
  • Delicately Scented

Maja Plum Blossom

  • Formulated for Extremely Dry Skin
  • Maja Plum Blossom
  • Delicately Scented

Maja Aqua Turquoise Body Lotion contains a combination of Almond Oil and Vitamin Ewhich will help maintain your skin's smoothnesskeeping it hydrated and improving its healthy appearance.
Maja Body Lotion will preserve the softness of your skin. Its Extreme Moisture formula has Sweet Almond Oil to maintain it hydratedsoftand radiant. It is the ideal care for Extra Dry Skin.
Our Body Lotion will improve your skin's texture because its nourishing formula continuously moisturizes your skin. We recommend you adding it to your beauty routine to prevent your skin from looking dry.
This extra moisturizing lotion will penetrate quickly through your skinleaving it soft. Besides offering profound hydration throughout the dayit will leave you with a delicious floral and fresh aroma.
Using our Body Lotion with Almond Oil will keep your skin moisturizedhelping it protect from external agents such as dustsunpollutionand low temperatures.

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