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Magnesium Micro Intensive Carrier for Multi Care : 16 EA Mineral Accelerating Ampoule : 1EA



Magnesium micro carrier (Magnesium needle Patch) : The needles created in the biocompatible magnesium patches can reach into the skin and deliver the active ingredient effectively without irritating the sense of pain nerves under the skin.
16 Magnesium Micro Carrier(4 EA X 4 pouch)1 Mineral Accelerating Ampoule (20 ml)
Patents & Certification : LABnPEOPLE Incorporation are manufactured directly by the R&D team of medical devices So far12 patents have been applied at home and abroadregistration is in progress
SNOW2 TECHNICAL STORY : The first magnesium microcarrier needle patch in the world. Resolutions of Magnesium Research Resolutions "Micro Carrier"

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