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Like anything elsecleansing your face properly starts with finding balance. Our Delicate Facial Cleanser is perfectly pH-balanced and organic. We use the same nutrient-rich ingredients we put into our moisturizers to keep your face healthy and glowing. Every bottle is made by hand without syntheticstoxinspreservativeswaxes or fillers. Delicate Facial Cleanser is essentially a very pure liquid soap with its pH levels ideally adjusted and mixed with carefully selected organic ingredients to compliment the nature of your skin. You might think that soap is too drying or harsh for your skin and you Delicate Facial Cleanser is perfectly pH balanced for all skin types. Formulated to gently and deeply cleanse your skin. Non-Drying. Suitable for all skin types; oilydrycombination and sensitive.
All ingredients are either USDA Certified Organic or Wildcrafted. Non-Synthetic and Non-Toxic.
No Alcohols. No Astringents. No Toxins. No Synthetic Preservatives or Binders. No Metals. Healthier for your skin. Healthier for your body. And healthy for the planet.
Organic. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Clean. Fresh made in California. Shipped from our studio to you.

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