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Take some time from your hecticstressful life to throw a love yourself partyto pamper and support your healthhappinessand relaxation. These two products combine to soften and soothe skinwith special attention to nails and cubicles. What a perfect way to show yourself some love!

Both products in this bundle are made in Arizona in the US from all-natural ingredients. The Teal-colored bath bombs are individually made to ensure quality and consistencywith ingredients like shea buttersunflower oil and healthy baking soda. To use the bath bombdrop one into the bathand watch it foamfizz and spin! All of our ingredients are skin safe for all ages.

The cuticle cream moisturizes using a combination of ingredients like lanolinshea butter and organic jojoba oil. It provides deep conditioning for nails and cuticles (and even can be used on calluses on feet). Rich and indulgent -- it feels even better after a bath to seal and protect. Absorbs quickly. Very lightly scented by beneficial frankincense and lavender essential oils. Usually some results are noticed right away; however apply daily for best results.

What you put on your skin is important as many substances are absorbed through skin and to affect your body over all. Products with a lot of ingredients that you don

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