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x1 Long Handled Lotion Applicator with attached Pad

x2 Additional Lotion Applicator Pads

A curved17 handle reachthe lotion Applicator is perfect for hard to reach areas such as the back and the soles of the feeteliminating the need to bend over or painfully twist to fully moisturize or tan the body.

Lotion Applicator

You know how important moisturizing your skin isbut your back is just so hard to reach you often end up neglecting it. Your mirrorhowevergives you a peek of your skinreminding you of how much you need to start minding your back

Our lotion applicator is a tool that makes application of products on inaccessible areas much easier

Improves skin health

Enjoy even tansmore effective wound treatmentand clearermoisturized skin. Finally moisturize that lone patch of dry skin on your back. Use this applicator to slather lotioncreamstopical medications and ointment. Or use it to apply sunscreen or aloe to your back every time you go to the beach USE WET OR DRY apply lotionsself tannerssunscreensbody washetc. the possibilities are endless2 pads total.
EASY REACH HANDLE curved handle for extended rangeno more awkward bending to reach your backor overextend. our curved wooden handlewhen fully inserted with the applicator padmeasures a total of 17 longmaking it easy to apply lotion in hard to reach places.
DURABLE - EXTRA RESISTANCE : easy to cleansimply wash with mild soaprinseand hang to dry. it

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