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Clinically Proven. Kills Germs by Millions on Contact. Use twice daily to help: * Prevent & Reduce Gingivitis * Fight Bad Breath * Kill Germs Between Teeth "Listerine Antiseptic has been shown to help prevent and reduce supragingival plaque accumulation and gingivitis when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care. Its effect on periodontist has not been determined." -Council on Scientific AffairsAmerican Dental Association


Inactive Ingredients:Wateralcoholsorbitol solutionflavoringpoloxamer 407sodium saccharinbenzoic acidzinc chloridesodium benzoate And FD&C green 3. Ingredients: Active: ThymolEucalyptolMethyl SalicylateAnd Menthol. Also Contains: WaterAlcoholSorbitol SolutionFlavoringPoloxamer 407Sodium SaccharinBenzoic AcidZinc ChlorideSodium Benzoate And FD&C Green 3. Active Ingredients: Thymoleucalyptolmethyl salicylateAnd menthol.

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Kills germs that cause bad breathplaque and the gum disease gingivitis
ADA Acceptedclinically proven
Twin pack! 2 x 1.5 lt bottles
Use every 12 hours

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