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- Soap bags mesh exfoliating help to get more out of small soap scraps that are hard to hold.
- Put the soap into the mesh baghang and protect the soapdry quicklyavoid soap falling or moldyo.

- Soap Saver Bag OnlyOthers are Not Included.

Nylon soap bag stripedfive colors as a seteach bag with a lanyard can be hung on bathroom hook.
Exfoliating body scrubber mesh and sponge hollowed out fluffyable to massage and create a dense foam.
Skin exfoliator for body can be used for putting handmade soapfacial soapcosmetic soapfruit soapoil soapetc. Fit with roughdryflaky skinfeetelbowsknees.
Soap Saver Pouch Dimensions: 7.7"(19.5cm) x 4.7"(12cm)
Package Contents: Soap Saver x 5

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