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1.Makes the microfiber towel durable and not easy to tear up.
2.Hang the towel up in an area with good air flow to keep the bath towel smell fresh.

Material: Cotton/Superfine fiber
Color: White(#001-#006),Rabbit Ears(Pink,Brown,Purple,Khaki) (Optional)
Size: Length*Width: 65*25cm
Water Absorption: 0-5s

Package Information:
Package Size: 160x250x10mm/6.24x9.75x0.39in
Package Weight: 70g/2.45oz
Polybag Package

Package Included:
1 x Quick Dry Hair Hat

1.Fast drying hair towel is made of composite coral fleece material. The coral fleece is very gentle on your head.
2.Quickly Drying HairNo more drippingno more making your clothes wet! After washing your hairwrap hair in the coral fleece towel and secure it with the button. Dry your hair faster to save you time and cut down on hair-damaging blow drying.
3.After washing your hairwrap your hair with the fast drying hair towel right away. The hair towel will absorbent most moisturebest soft way to dry your hair.
4.Suitable for all hair types and lengths. Shortlongstraightcurly or wavy hair.
5.Coral Fleece hair towel is essential to have when you are at homegymtravel or pool.

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