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Soft silicone removable toothbrush head

  • Fully automated ultrasonic cleaning with 5000-15000Hz vibration per minute.
  • U-shaped silicone brush head designed according to ergonomics can wrap the teeth 360 for comprehensive cleaning of teeth. will not harm the gumsprotect children's enamel.
  • The toothbrush head can be removed and replaced.

Note: This toothbrush is used for micro cleaning and whiteningnot to replace your daily brushing but to compliment for a deeper clean.It is recommended to work with ordinary toothbrushes for daily use.


  • Type: 360Ultrasonic Automatic Whitening Toothbrush.
  • Material: Food grade Silicone; ABS
  • Product size : 60*33*102mm
  • Package weight: 260g / 9.17oz
  • Input voltage: DC5V
  • Three cleaning modes: Care ModeDeep Cleaning Mode and Massage Mode.
    Cute cartoon shapes attract kid's attention. Let kids like brushing their teeth more.
    High frequency ultrasonic vibration technology:The bristles vibrate 30,000 times per minute to deeply clean the teeth.
    Food grade silicone brush head. Soft and safe.Keep your mouth and gums healthy.
    IPX7 waterproofthe entire toothbrush can be rinsed with watermaking it easier to clean.
    NO ADDITIONAL COST: You pay $0 for repairs

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