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Being applied Kese gives you peacemakes you feel lighterprovides you to protect skin diseases in terms of health and get rid of acneaccelerates the innovation on skin while speeding up the blood circulation under your skin. Applying Kese which helps you to be purified from dead skin cells not only provides your skin to breathe comfortably by opening skin pores but also provides the upper skin to restructure. Being applied Kese is efficient in treatment and prevention of cellulite. Healthier skin which is stuck under the falling dead skin cells comes out by applying Kese. Speeds up the blood circulationit makes easier to throw out the toxins both from the skin and blood with the increased circulation and play an important role to remove cellulite under the skin. It is recommended to apply Kese on hip and calf with gentle touches every day for the prevention of cellulite. When you buy a Kesemake your selection according to sensitiveness degree or oily/dry form of your skin. Choose thinmid-thick or thick Kese considering the sensitiveness of your skin. Thin Kese for very sensitive skinsmid-thick for normal skins and thick Kese for thick skins have to be chosen. Before first usewash it with lots of hot water and soap and then rinse it with clean water until there is no soap in it. After you take a shower with hot water and soapthen rinse yourself . It is better to apply the Kese when you get sweat a little. Kese has to be applied on the skin with horizontal and long rubbing movements without applying on the same place. During the applicationKese is never soaped or put any other cleaning material on it. Without forgetting that we use kese to clean dirt and dead skinextreme application must not be done on the same place. It is advised that you apply Kese every ten days but for cellulite cureit is recommended by the specialists that you apply massage with Kese gently on the cellulite part every day.


Skin Exfoliation Ecxzema Netherton Syndrome Psoriasis Dry Skin


Take a hot showerbath etcsoap your body firstrinsethen use the cloth. The Turkish bath glove should never be used with any kind of soaplotion or oil. If used in a saunaplease use sauna firstthen clean with soaprinse and only then use the bath glove.

Fights and Prevents Celluliteimproves skin and blood circulation
Eliminate Acne and Skin Dermatalogical Conditions
Made from Natural cellulose fiber. Mid thick for normal skin
Imported from Turkey
Exfoliate and Purify Skin

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