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The Benefits of Jaw Exerciser:

1. Chisel your jaw and achieve a stronger-looking face.

2. Reduce double chinnever look awkward in photos.

3. Activate 57+ muscles in the face.

4. Increase blood flow and oxygenation to the face for a youthful look.

5. Slim and tone the face for a defined profile at various angles.

6. Increase metabolism to help you lose weight.

7. Reduce cravings by satisfying the desire to chew and eat.

8. Relieve stress and tension in the mouth and face.

Training Plan:

1. Please take a picture of yourself before trainingand take a new photo after 4-8 weeks of exercisethen you can see the result on your face.

2. In the first weekyou can use it once every two days for 10 minutes each time to adapt this jaw exerciser.

3. In the second weekyou can use it once a day for 15 minutes each time.

4. After two weeks of trainingyou may completely adapt to this jaw exerciserthen you can increase your frequency and time of use. Each time 20 minutes or twice a day.

5. After one monthyou can take a new picture to see the result. But it varies from person to personsome people need longer time to exercise.


1. Wash with warm water before and after every use.

2. Use daily or every other day and gradually increase the number of sets and reps.

3. Increase exercise time and intensity as facial and neck muscles are strengthened.

4. Avoid wild chewing as it will damage the product (go mildnot wild).

5. Slowdown or stop using if any unusual pain or gum bleeding. Don't worry if only incidental!

6. Most people get results after 3-4 weeks of regular use. It's different for every individual so don't give up halfway!

BPA FREE & FOOD-GRADE MATERIALMade of 100% food-grade high-quality silicone and BPA-free materialIt is non-toxicharmlessand tasteless. This jawline shaper is ergonomic and fits the mouth shape. Jaw Exerciser is your new secret weapon to exercise your face.
REPAIR LOOSE SKINChewing reduces appetitetightens face and neck quicklyand helps with weight losssay goodbye to double chinsand loose facial muscles. Our chin trainer works 57+ facial muscles to increase blood flow to the facial and neck musclesreshaping your faceincrease metabolismand making it stronger.
REUSABLEDURABLEHEALTHYConvenient for daily usehands-free workoutfat remover bites exercise for the awesome. Keep with youto use on the goat the gymat workwherever. Our face slimming jaw strengthener is great fit for your faceincrease blood flow and oxygenation to the face for a youthful look. No more overnight face lift maskstrips removaltoning rollers massager.
EXTRAORDINARY RESULTSThis is for anyone interested in health and fitnesswho wants to create a more muscularyouthful appearance. It is already helping people of all ages to tonefirmand strengthen their appearanceby increasing blood flow to the faceneckand head. It with extraordinary results with just 20 minutes of use a day.
QUALITY GUARANTEE3 Months no questions asked refund. Please contact us if you are not completely satisfied. We will reply to you ASAP.

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