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Jade Ice Face Gua Sha Roller Professional health careThe combination of the double roller design of the jade roller and the cool roller type facial massagethe ice roller helps relieve migraine and relieve painthe jade roller and the guasha can shrink poresprevent wrinklesanti-aging and improve skin health
Removable and conventient handheld device Easy to install and disassembleput the refrigerator in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutesreplace the ice cube with ice wheelyour hand will not be cold. Simple operation: a comfortable massage experience when watching TV or drinking coffee
Ergonomic design Jade roller and ice roller guasha design fully fits the eye contourmouth angle and other facial curvesdeep kneading and dredging meridianswhile the hand grip is more comfortablebringing a close-fitting massage experiencerolling for 15 minutesRejuvenate your skin
PURE GIFTS FROM NATUREYou will get: 1 * Facial massage roller1 * Ice roller1*guasha,1 * instruction manual2 * scrub cloth1 * gift box. Suitable for home use and traveleasy to carryrelieve pain and discomfort anytimeanywhereis the perfect gift for family and friends
The customer supportAlthough our packaging is very carefuljade rolls and ice wheels are fragile items that are easily damaged during transportation.If any other issuePlease feel free to contact us through amazon for solution. Rolling massage awakens the skin and gradually enjoys the process of becoming beautiful

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