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Stage 1 needs about 4 weeksto give the mouth a time to accommodate.
Stage 2 needs about 812weeksafter the accommodation with Stage 1.
Stage 3 is to straighten teeth and consolidate the periodontal tissue (fiber and ligament) state. Keep using it until getting the ideal orthodontic effect.

1 General require user wear the orthodontic braces for 1-2 hours during the dayand 8 hours at night.
2 At the first weekyour teeth may feel pain and sorenessthis is normal. You need to keep on using every day.
3 These orthodontic braces with good qualitybut do not bite themavoid deformation.
4 Before and after use themplease clean with a toothbrush use cold or warm waterdo not use hot water! Then put them in a clean box.

Packing list: 3 Orthodontic Retainers(1set)

NEWEST: This orthodontic devicedivided into three stagesmade a great improvement on the ordinary bracesprofessional designusing food-grade materialsmore in line with the principle of correction.
MATERIAL: It is made of soft high quality siliconenontoxic. Wearable and durable for daily use.
MULTI FUNCTIONS: This dental retainer could improve the facial shapeguiding to promote the normal development of the jawand also helps you to correct your breathing habits and prevent snoring at night.
WEARING TIME: Generallythe users should wear it for 12 hours during day timeand 8 hours at night.
NOTE: Please clean the braces before and after use.

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