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InSPAration Spa Fragrance 9 oz. Bottles! Directions: For Spas and Hot Tubs add 2-3 capfuls. For Baths add until desired aroma is reached. inSPArationthe leading aromatherapy fragrancefor SpasHot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths has been manufacturing fragrances for over 30 years. Their unique aromatherapy blends are formulated for your hot water enjoymentcreating a rich soothing "Aromatherapy Experience." inSPAration's large variety of fragrances and fragrance blends create that ultimate spa experience while at the same time leaving your skin soft and moisturized. inSPAration Liquids and Crystals are all RX Enhanced. Natural Aloe Vera Extracts and Vitamins E and C have been added to the proprietary blend. Tested by DuPontAristech and other leading acrylic manufacturersinSPAration is proven to be safe for all SpaHot Tub and Whirlpool Bath surfaces. Ideal for masking those unwanted chemical odors without foamingaffecting PH Levelor water chemistry. Formulated specially for jetted systems whether for SpasHot Tubsor Hydrotherapy TubsinSPAration has been proven safe for all motorsjets and acrylics. inSPAration contains no alcohol and is water-soluble. inSPAration's custom blended Fragrances come packaged in 9oz. Bottles1/2oz.single-use Pillow PacketsSpa CrystalsSampler Bags and many different kinds of Gift Packages. With over 50 Fabulous Blends there are scents for every different occasion.

aloe vera

Safe for all Acrylics; Jets; Pumps and Filters
Masks Chemical Odors; Will not affect PH; Does not Foam or Bubble
Water Soluble; Contains No Oils and leaves no Oily Residue
Does not Change Water Chemistry
RX Formula Containing Natural Aloe Vera Extract and Vitamins E and C for a Therapeutic Body Experience
power source type: Manual

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