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Hello Hair has sourced natural fibres of cotton and bamboo for superior softnessabsorbencylightness and durability. Bamboo is also an eco-friendly fibre known for being: - anti-bacterialanti-fungal and odor-resistant - bio-degradable - hypo-allergenic Composition: 50% bamboo / 50% cotton Care instructions: wash your Hello Hair Towel Wrap with like-colours on a warm cycle. If you need help lifting oils from your Towel Wrapadd a scoop of Bicarbonate (Baking) Soda to the washing cycle.

Use the Towel Wrap to contain your mane during a deep hydrating mask treatmentor use it after you've showered - it's your choice!

50% Bamboo / 50% Cotton

Create the perfect towel twist in three easy steps.

Antimicrobial properties are built in to inhibit the growth of bacteria that may affect this product. The antimicrobial properties do not protect users or others against bacteriavirusesgermsor other disease organisms. Always clean and wash this product thoroughly before and after each use.

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