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Do you want to keep your skin light and beautiful forever Do you want to be beautiful Do you want to be healthier GuaSha is your ideal choice. You can use it yourselfor as a holiday gift to your relativesfriendssistersgirlfriendmothersetc.

Enjoy your own moment

Tired of one day working Life is too busy Yes it shows from your face. Take a rest take a nature facial spathere is no chemical ingredientsno side effects. You get only nature and quietjust love yourself a little bit more.

Gua Sha Massage

For the whole body Slowly from top to bottomrepeat 10 to 20 times until the skin get slight hot. Action must be gentle. Massage once a dayevery 5-10 minutes.

What are the benefits of the Gua Sha Jade

1. Improve dark circles.

2. Relieve aging and reduce wrinkles

3. Relax and calm the muscle tension.

4. Promote the metabolism of the face.

5. Help the face absorb creams and essences better.

Gua Sha Tool is very suitable for use on your body. It massages the neckthins the faceand is effective on the chinbridge of the nosefingersforeheadcheekseyes and body acupuncture points.

Gua Sha can promote blood circulationreduce wrinkleshelp relax musclesface and bodymake the skin radiant and feel comfortable.


The exquisite and compact gift box packaging is very suitable as a gift for your relativesfriendscolleaguesgirlfriendsetc. on Mother's DayWomen's Daybirthdayand Christmas. Gua Sha board is suitable for people of any age.


1. Gua Sha jade stone is fragile product. If it BENEFITS OF GUASHAThis gua sha tool was designed to improve general well-being of your body. Make you feel energized and healthy. Guasha---muscle tension relief and lymphatic drainage; reduce facial puffiness and help the skin look fresh; firm the skin and make it look dewy and lifted. Insist on using our gua sha jade stone helps to reduce fine lineswrinklespuffy bagsand dark under eye circles.
FROM NATUREOur gua sha facial tools are made of 100% natural jade stonewhich is beneficial minerals to skin beauty and body health. Ultra-smooth surface texturesmooth touchlong lastingeasy to care and handystatic free. Each piece of gua sha stone is uniquewith completely natural texture and color. The super smooth surface will never harm your skin and can be safely used for massage.
WHOLE BODY CARINGThis versatile beauty massage tool set is vey easy to usecan be used all over your body. The guasha jade can works great on neckfaceback handwristshoulders and foot. Offer you the most complete massage therapy. It can help you improve your skinrenews your skin wrinkles and fine linesguasha tool contains beneficial mineral which is good for Skin and Body Health. Preventing skin from losing elasticity and promoting blood circulationmake the skin radiant.
EASY TO USEUse a light to medium pressureand scrape with an upward and outward direction on both body and face. The gua sha scraping massage tool itself Is easy to store and travel with. Enjoy Gua sha massage at any time and anywhere. You can use at any time without going to a beauty agencysaving your budget and getting younger skin convenience. You can take it with youuse it at any time for business tripstraveland vacation.
THE MOST INTIMATE GIFTThis small massage tool is suitable for everyonenot only for body massagebut also for improving the skin. This is the perfect gift for your relatives and friends. Gua Sha Tools is the best gift for ChristmasValentine's dayBirthdayMother's day and Labor day. Giving Guasha as a gift to people that's extremely practical and it will not be forgotten by people soon. Deliver beauty and heath to loversfriendsfamily members and don

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