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Bouffant Hair Nets are designed for use in research laboratory and in industrial environments. Bouffant Disposable Hair Cap is broadly used to protect hair for beautybody and hygiene reasons. Great for use in official food servicepharmacological setupsmanufacturing industriesand healthcare environments this flame-retardant Disposable Hair Cap is an economical barrier for all day usage. Plusits breathable material ensures a cool temperature. Blonde Hair Nets are easy and provides comfortable use through long shifts. At the end of the shiftstaff can simply dispose of this cap for effortless cleanup!

Made of spun bound polypropylene (SPP) fabric that fitting in well with a person's needs and lint free as wellthis Disposable Hair Cap is a must-have addition to any foodservice use in the home as well as in bakeryNurses Health ServicesPharmaceutical environmentsLaboratories or healthcare facility where cleanliness is of the extreme importance! They provide a cost-effective solution for general applications. These bouffant Hair Nets feature an affordably priced disposable design that helps our user to dispose-off it easily and straightforwardly. These Hairnets For Cooking are widely used in our daily life and one of the core advantages of our Disposable Hair Cap is that it is Water-based for liquid. Inexpensive priced disposable design delivers user once convenienceover size hat can help you pick the right size for your team. Available in white color.


  • Diameter: 21 inches
  • Color:White
  • Type:Bouffant Caps
  • Product Detail:

  • Finelight-weight and breathable for user
  • Made of spun bond polypropylene
  • Nonrefundable Wash Caps Material: Color: white.
  • Excellent thicknessworks well to protect your hair.
  • FUNCTIONAL STORAGE: We are providing Disposable Hair Net which is thin and lightweight as well as breathable with polypropylene material. Bouffant Disposable Hair Cap provide protection for those who need to cover their Hair Nets Food Service in hospital.
    QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Bouffant Disposable Hair Cap is a lint free with soft comfortable fabric. Blonde Hair Nets contain 100% spun bound Polypropylene constructed with Elastic Bands for Secure Fit cap on your head. Its gravity is soft-lighter than Hydrophobic PP fibers.
    SATISFACTION: Spun-bonded polypropylene Disposable Hair Net creates a solid barrierperfect for Pharmaceutical environments and laboratory use with wide flexible band which simplifies donning and doffingwhile providing improved wearing comfort affordably disposable design delivers one use convenience.
    Features: This Hair Net provides an ideal use for restaurantsfood servicesuse in the home as well as in bakeryNurses Health ServicesPharmaceutical environmentsLaboratoriesHealthcare hospitals or anywhere complete hair coverage needed like a gardening accessory.
    PERFECT DESIGN: Disposable hair caps are generously sized to accommodate long or large hair. Anti-Hair LossDust Proof Head are Surgical Hair Nets that have unisex cap designs available in 21.

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