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GUNILLA | Professional Grade Botanical Skincare

Deeply Moisturize with Ceramides

  • Active ceramides reinforce the skin's lipid barrier to infuse pores with moisture and keep it there
  • Based in 100% organichand-plantedgreenhouse grownhydroponically nutrient enriched super aloe
  • Increases the skin's ability to retain water molecules 25x its normal ability
  • Aloe vera is our formulary basenot only because it is a natural botanical with healing benefits and highly concentrated with skin-nourishing nutrients: aloe vera can penetrate the skin's lipid barrier to absorb deeply into pores.

    Water cannot.

    This powerhouse ingredient will soothenourishhealand truly hydrate your skin and keep it that way all day.

    Deep Skin Moisturizer + Ceramides | Hands & Body 8 oz

    Discover the true beauty of your skin by luxuriating in the nourishing nutrients and botanicals your skin craves. Beautiful skin is achieved with daily cleansingtoningand moisturizing. Find yours with the power of botanicals + science.

    Our organic based products use the best botanicals and science available to ensure your skin is optimally nourishedhydratedand rejuvenated for a healthy and glowing appearance.

    Without harsh chemicalsunnecessary fillers or water as the primary ingredientour products successfully prove that putting in the very best of what your skin needs will result in the very besthealthyglowing complexion.

    Organic Aloe

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Nutrient rich
    • 20 amino acids & 8 enzymes
    • Naturally therapeutic
    • Soothes and heals

    Jojoba Oil

    • Soothessoftens and hydrates
    • Boosts collagen production
    • Protects skin against free radical damage
    • Antibacterial properties heal and reduce inflammation

    Safflower Oil

    • Contains linoleic acid
    • Smoothing
    • Improves texture
    • Feeds skin for balanced hydration

    Creating the Best Organic Skincare for Over 30 Years

    GUNILLA is made by Gunilla of Sweden. Our products are crafted in the honest principles from our founder's homeland of Sweden: social consciencesimplicity of livingand egalitarian.

    We source our all of our organic ingredients with respect and stewardship for our planetwe formulate our products without phthalatesartificial preservativesharsh chemicalsor fragrancesand we never have and never will test on animals.

    Since 1987Gunilla of Sweden has been formulating GUNILLA products from the highest quality organic and botanical ingredients along with the best pairings that science can provide to bring our customers the best possible results. Contrary to industry standardswe do not use water as our primary ingredient. Insteadour formulary base is comprised of our 100% organichand-plantedhydroponically greenhouse-grownnutrient enrichedsuper aloe vera. This focal ingredient is more effectivenutrient richand healthier than other skincare.

  • Date First Available‏:‎March 192014
  • Manufacturer‏:‎Gunilla of Sweden
  • ASIN‏:‎B00J4WZB90
  • PRO-FAVORITE: 8oz GUNILLA Deep Skin Moisturizer effectively repairs & plumps drymature skinreducing fine lines & moisturizing the face & body. 60% hydroponic aloe12 soothing botanicals captured at peak potency. Plusceramide lipids retain up to 25x more moisture

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