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What is Gua-sha

  • Gua Sha is actually a Chinese word and spelled by its' pronounciation in MandarinChinese.
  • Gua Sha is a sort of treatment of traditional Chinese medical science. it was quite ancient but long-lasting and effective for body refreshing and healthy.
  • How to use it Gua Sha Stone as scraper

  • Clean the Gua Sha scraper with wipes before and after using it;
  • Apply cream/essence/oils on skinsimply scrapebut in one directionDo NOT scratch back and forth Scraping frequency:
  • 1-2 times a week
  • Use on face and all over body.
  • Why use Gua Sha stones what benefits would you get from Gua Sha Stone

  • Body relaxing and spirit refreshing
  • Imporve skin quality;
  • Reduces eyes bags
  • puffiness and dark circles;
  • Minimize wrinkle & lines
  • Tighten poles & keep skin younger
  • Key Features of the special Gua Sha Massage Tool:

  • Beauty Mate: effective Skin Care Products;
  • Universal: Work with all skin types;
  • Convenient: Easy to usesimple & safe;
  • Light & Small: Pocket size & Portable;
  • Effective: Helpful in lymphatic drainage
  • Gift & Present: Meaningful & Special gadget for friends and family
  • Legal Disclaimer

    Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnosetreatcureor prevent any disease or health condition.

    Mysterious Eastern Magic: Gua Sha is a special sort of massaging method for faceskin & body maintaining. It is quite an ancient treatment in Traditional Chinese Medical Science. Due to the remarkable effectivenessGua Sha got lasted till nowadaysfor Thousand years;
    Benefits & Functions: Gua Sha Stones helps improving body well-beingboosting the micro-circulation of blood vesselsFastening blood flowMaking better for lymph and body fluids. Releasing physical pressureRefreshing spirit on mental; it did help to make people be more energized and healthy.
    How to use Gua Sha Tool: Super easy. use it as a massaging toolscraping on faceskin or body. if applied with cream/oil/essencethe effectiveness would even be more obviously and much better. it works with faceneckarmbackshouldersfoots and othersall around body; a magic and complete massage therapy;
    Material of Gua Sha Stones:100% natural pemium jade stone. Jade is well known as a kind of magic raw material with outstanding skin-detoxifying. that is why jade is used for Gua Sha massaging tool and why it worked and functioned;
    Product Features: Not only use for yourselfGua Sha Jade Stone is heart-shaped with giftbox paacking. it can also be a meaningful present/gift for your friendintimatesrelative or family.

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