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Why choose Bian Stone gua sha
Known for its rejuvenating propertiesBian stone was created when a meteor struck a mountain in ancient China. It is said to emit ultrasound pulsationsfar infrared raysand negative ions as a result of the cosmic impact This gua sha stone is composed of Bian stonean amalgamate of 40+ minerals known for their healing properties. Each edge of the tool is intentionally architected to enhance the practice of facial gua shawhich is a traditional Chinese beauty practice.
This practice of "stone medicine" is an ancient Taoist healing technique. Practicing the facial gua sha will clearsmoothplumptightenand rejuvenate skin while reducing under-eye circles and puffiness.
The facial gua sha method works by releasing tension in the muscles of the facesmoothing out the fasciaand circulating blood and lymph through the tissues.
It also delivers whole plant actives from our products into the deeper layers of the skin for increased absorption and effectiveness. The result is deeply hydratedplumptonedand sculpted skin with a radiant glow.
We recommend protecting this empress stone with the Pouchthis natural stone is fragile when dropped on a hard surface.Some Bian Stones may have stone textures / white veins / brownish spots left by the process of formation. These are a sign of the Bian stone

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