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Intimate Care Soothing Gel Oak Bark Cranberry

Gentle formula with mild detergent. Contains lactic acid and oak bark extractproven ingredients for intimate care.

Strengthens the proper bacterial microflorahelps maintain its naturalphysiological balance. Soothes irritationscalms itching and burning. It leaves a feeling of comfort and freshness. Has a pH of about 5.2consistent with the pH of the intimate areas.

Cranberry extracta natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredientsupports prophylaxis of urinary tracts and enhances intimate care. Panthenol and glycerin moisturise. Applied fragrance composition without allergens is designed specifically for intimate hygiene.


All Skin Types


Aqua,Cocamidopropyl betaineGlycerinpolysorbate 20Sodium CocoamphoacetateHydroxypropylcelluloseCoco-GlucosideSalvia Officinalis ExtractPanthenolLactic AcidGlyceryl OleateQuercus Petraea bark ExtractParfumDisodium EDTADMDM HydantoinIodopropynyl Butylcarbamatesodium benzoatePotassium Sorbate

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